Why is Copperpod IP the Best Patent Research Firm?

Humans have always relied on their creativity and imagination to invent technologies and objects for improving the quality of life. Before the late 17th century, these inventions and works were displayed in public places, making them easily accessible to anybody for copying without any restriction or charge. The significance of such innovations became apparent over time when humans realized the worth of these intellectual property assets. Intellectual property assets like patents, trademarks, or registered designs became worth more than just some documentation for companies to protect. In today’s business environment, Intellectual Property (IP) is widely acknowledged as an amalgamation of legal and business assets.

Handpicked from some of the world’s most prestigious universities like Cornell University, Georgia Tech, UC Berkeley, and the Indian Institutes of Technology, Copperpod IP provides deep technical expertise on patent litigation and patent monetization campaigns. Our analyst teams are carefully curated to ensure that each analyst brings unique skills and expertise — and together provide the client with not only the most accurate but also the most holistic research to improve technical accuracy of legal arguments.

Innovation and Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property fosters innovation and economic prosperity. Whether the value is created through new technology, business models, or products and services, innovation is the driving factor behind it.

Being the primary source of both long-term economic development and improved quality of life, innovation is crucial for a functional society and a prosperous economy. Intellectual Property is the medium of protecting this innovation and ensuring sustainable advancement of technology. IP drives not just innovation but also trade, competition and taxes.

Copperpod IP recognizes the strengths of a geographically and culturally diverse nature of innovation — and leverages the synergies of our diverse team to deliver cost-effective and accurate patent research to clients. With presence in United States, Europe, India, and Japan, our team of experts works closely with outside counsel, in-house counsel and other client stakeholders throughout the patent monetization and IP litigation lifecycle.

What Sets Us Apart?

1. Expertise Copperpod IP is the best patent research firm first and foremost because of our carefully curated team of experts in respective domains. Beyond core focus areas of telecommunications and software, each team member brings a unique specialization in an area such as life sciences, wearables, industrial materials and systems, semiconductors, and aviation. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, each project is staffed carefully to bring the best minds together and create cross-discipline synergy.

2. Attention to Detail

Our attention to detail has helped our clients be successful in highly complex patent litigation matters. We stand behind every patent infringement analysis and every patent invalidity report, ready to get deeper into the technology and articulate the results as appropriate. All deliverables are monitored and undergo multiple quality checks to preempt surprises later in the campaign.

3. Quick Turnaround

Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance at Copperpod IP. We are always ready to serve our clients at the speed of need, whether it is a volume-driven portfolio analysis or document review or simply a pinpoint response on a key argument during fact discovery.

4. Personal Growth and Development Our work on diverse projects relating to multiple disciplines like healthcare, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, electric vehicles, and telecommunications creates a uniquely dynamic learning environment for our team. Copperpod IP regularly organizes on-the-job technical and personal training workshops. We challenge the team to continuously condition themselves so that they are best adapted to the ever-evolving world of innovation and technology.

5. Team We work hard on developing a work culture that recognizes and rewards the spark of brilliance. Every team member is driven by the same vision for the company’s future and the same passion to deliver the best technology research and patent analytics to clients.

“Our primary focus remains the same regardless of whether we are mining a large healthcare patent portfolio, advising on complex electronics patent litigation, or evaluating a green technology startup: empower clients with the right answers at the right time to enable right decisions about their IP.”

- Rahul Vijh, CEO, Copperpod IP

What Does Copperpod IP Offer?

1. Portfolio Analysis and Management

Our patent monetization team assists clients with the best patent portfolio services. We accomplish this by applying a combination of algorithmic methodologies and expert technical review to rank each patent on over 20 parameters. Our portfolio analysis relies on an approach that has been continuously refined for over 10 years and validated through success in past patent licensing and patent litigation campaigns.

2. Patent Infringement Analysis

Copperpod IP has helped plaintiff attorneys prepare patent infringement claim charts and Rule 11 infringement contentions on more than 1000 patent disputes. We ensure that our claim charts are intensive, on time, and can clarify the technical concepts through straightforward expert comments and analysis.

3. Reverse Engineering

Copperpod IP helps attorneys dig deep into technology products through reverse engineering, product testing, and network packet capture. Our reverse engineering evidence is used by leading patent attorneys to prove patent infringement and provides patent attorneys as well as testifying experts with confidence while preparing their infringement opinions.

4. Source Code Review

We employ highly sophisticated tools and software to speed up the source code process while guaranteeing that no essential piece of code is overlooked. Our analysts work directly with expert witnesses and litigators to augment patent infringement contentions, develop exhibits for expert reports, and polish technical arguments for depositions and trials, all based on source code evidence.

5. Document Review

The engineering team at Copperpod IP improve technical precision and dramatically lowers legal costs associated with document reviews. Our team collaborates with outside counsel and in-house counsel to not only categorize documents based on whether they are responsive to a case but also to identify critical evidence as early as possible in the case. Our document review experts are familiar with document review platforms such as Relativity, CS Disco, and Concordance.

6. Patent Invalidity Search & Prior Art Search

Copperpod IP’s prior art search identifies patent and non-patent documents that may impact the validity of a patent’s claims. Our no-stone-left-unturned approach not only swiftly identifies important prior art but also provides all secondary prior art that may render the patent claims obvious.

7. Patentability Search

Experts at Copperpod IP bring decades of patent research and patent litigation experience to help evaluate the patentability of inventions. We identify the closest prior art for new inventions by searching more than 100 patent office databases around the world — including European, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean patents — as well as all major non-patent literature and product databases.

Copperpod IP team works with leading patent attorneys across the United States, Europe, and Japan to power patent licensing and litigation, with technology research and analytics. Our analysts have driven revenues of more than $2 billion for clients through patent licensing, jury verdicts, and patent portfolio transactions.

Why is Copperpod IP the Best Patent Research Firm?



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