How Much IP (Intellectual Property) is There in Your Burger?

Trademarks in Burger

A trademark can exist in a number of forms and is something that helps promote a specific business identity.

  • Extra Value Meal
  • I’m Lovin’ it

Copyrights in Burger

Copyright protection is for securing creative expression. This protection is generally sought for written literary works, sound recordings, video content, graphic designs, photographs, etc.

Patents in Burger

Filing patents for food procedures, equipment and appliances is a norm in the food industry. Many big brands like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King and Sonic Drive-In have a strong hold in the world of patents. These giants are proof that a strong patent portfolio will attract more investors, franchisees and stakeholders. Apart from this, if there is patent protection to one or many of a brand’s products then the brands has more credibility and eventually a strong market value.

Trade secret in Burger

Any information like a recipe of product, customer list, manufacturing process or any other information that is trivial to a given brand, is kept under wraps. This is the trade secret of the brand. The information under the trade secret is kept so because the organization does not want its competitors to follow the similar line of thought and get the desired outcome. The brands today, protect this important information because the trade secrets are an asset to the brands and provide economic value to them. The protection can last indefinitely as long as the information remains secret.

Recent Developments: IP in a Burger

We may infer with certainty from the information above that IP and its protection is essential to building a brand. According to latest news, many food brands have become the latest entrants to the Metaverse after filing various patents to build Metaverse goods and services ranging from digital restaurants, cafes, and others.




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