How Much Intellectual Property (IP) is There in Your Tea?

Copyrights in Tea

The information booklet giving an idea about origin of the given brand, instructions of making a perfect cup of tea is eligible for protection under copyrights. Let’s say you see a pamphlet of different types of tea and benefits offered by those teas along with some creatives and graphics displayed in a presentable manner, then, it will be considered as a creative work that can be copyrighted.

Trademarks in Tea

Do you remember brand names? Of course, everyone does! Lipton Ice tea is everyone’s favourite, isn’t it? Many people love tea from a particular brand and have a liking towards a particular texture. Some brands have a peculiar taste, aroma and flavour that make them stand out from the crowd! How are these teas differentiated? A quick answer here — By their brand identity — that is their ‘Trademarks’.

Trade Dress in Tea

The trade dress of a given tea brand has a great deal of importance due to the increased competitiveness in the commercial sector for tea trading. Trade dress refers to a product’s exterior look, including its packaging, combination of colours, textures, graphics, shape, as well as the product’s placement at its point-of-sale (store layout) and other composite aspects that set it apart from the competitors.

Patents in Tea

As tea is a natural resource and its flavour is its inherent character, tea cannot be patented as it is.

Geographical Indications (GI Tags) in Tea

Although tea is also grown in South America, the Black and Caspian Sea region, and other places, tea is mainly grown in Asia and Africa.

Famous GI-Tagged Teas are:

Nilgiri Orthodox Tea


Intellectual property can be in anything! In your tea as well as the tea machine in which you made the tea in! Different facets of intellectual property are used to protect the most important aspects of the tea — its essence, identity and origin.




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