5G Technology and Its Impact on Online Education

How 5G is changing the world — faster than ever?

5G technology has increased the speed of the wireless network along with its responsiveness. It has been reported that the 5G network is 100 times faster when compared to 4G LTE systems — allowing a host of new data-heavy applications (especially related to augmented reality or virtual reality) to function seamlessly.

How 5G is transforming the education sector?

One sector that was especially affected by Covid-19 lockdowns was education. Students were not able to visit schools — and most schools were notoriously slow in adopting technology-driven alternatives to classroom teaching. However, technology played savior and came to the rescue of educational institutions. Soon, children welcomed online schools into their homes. Just imagine the impact on the minds of young children if there was no online school. A year away from school would have had a negative impact on the minds of the children. Let’s explore how 5G wireless technology is transforming the education sector with its speed and reach.

1. The rise of online learning

Educational institutions chose 5G to automate the process of learning, through dissemination of videos and lectures to the students over the Internet. Through live streaming, students experience learning substantively similar to that of the actual class.

2. The increased flow of communication

5G has improved the way people communicate. Earlier people used to experience network issues while they were traveling and in remote areas. However, 5G coverage has made it possible for people to stay connected on the go without any interruptions. And this has benefitted education as well.

3. The approach to Hybrid Learning

The introduction of 5G technology has made hybrid learning not only inclusive but also an immersive experience. While people already had the devices, with 5G, they honed the skills to utilize the devices to their full potential. Hybrid learning has offered the required flexibility to the education system, making it more resilient and robust.

4. The birth of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

4G did not have good support for VR and AR applications that require extremely low latency and high data speeds to have any meaningful immersion for the end user. With the birth of 5G, AR and VR received a new lease of life, including when these technologies are directed towards online education. It has become easier for students, and new recruits, to comprehend learning and imbibe the teachings in a more interactive format through AR and VR — especially when it comes to industrial engineering, automotive engineering and healthcare environments.

5. Customization in Learning and Learning Outcomes

Earlier, all the students were taught the same thing in class. Everyone was expected to comprehend at the same pace. And if one did not, then the student was deemed to be a slow learner. The traditional learning pattern of the educational system was therefore to follow (or even force) a one size fits all approach. However, the onset of online education has changed that. Students can learn at their own pace, resolving queries through private chat and extra self-help videos. The blend of the right technology with a robust network has made advanced learning a possibility

6. Opportunities for special children

Children with special needs have particularly benefitted from 5G. Assistive technology has helped such students in different ways on multiple levels. With the introduction of software like text-to-speech, students are able to learn and comprehend at a rapid pace. This has especially benefited students who have visual disabilities. Video instructions help students with reading problems.


While it is believed that Covid-19 had a major impact on education, children and youth were already facing a learning crisis even before the pandemic. The introduction of 5G and virtual learning was a blessing for learners. It has gone a long way in democratizing the learning experience as well as the teaching experience around the globe.



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